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Stahl-KD 78/6-KTL- PD-T- SBP-M

Ref.-Nr.:1572 Stahl KD 78/6-KTL- PD-T- SBP-M

Ref.-Nr.: 1572
Stahl KD 78/6-KTL- PD-T- SBP-M
Format 780 x 1160 mm
Year ca. 1997/1998
Folder with 6 buckles, 2 knives, and one buckle after crossfold section (For 32 Pages)
pallet feeder with Tremat suction head,
digital control ,
mobile stream delivery with pressing unit
noise hoods,
Horizontals stack delivery and integrated pressing unit SBP-M 46.D

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MBO-T45-1-45/4-F - T 45-2-45

Ref.-Nr.:1571 MBO T45-1-45/4-F - T 45-2-45

Ref.-Nr.: 1571
MBO T45-1-45/4-F - T 45-2-45
Format 450 x 650 mm
Year ca. 1993
Folder with 4 buckles in first section
and 4 buckles in section 2,
flatpile feeder with noise hoods,stream delivery
Technical Data:
Sheet size max,:450 x 650 mm
Sheet size min.: 100 x 150 mm

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Plockmatic InternationalAB-Plockmatic 60

Ref.-Nr.:1537 Plockmatic InternationalAB Plockmatic 60

Ref.-Nr.: 1537
Plockmatic InternationalAB Plockmatic 60
Format 338 x458 mm
Year unknown

Fold and stiching machine with 2 stiching-heads.The Plockmatic 60 Booklet Maker is a straightforward, effortless booklet maker and is able to stitch and fold, side and corner staple documents ranging from 60 gsm upto 250 gsm and upto 22 sheets(88pages). It accepts A3 down to A5 giving you booklets of A4 down to A6. It will run upto 1800 booklets p/h.

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